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Highest quality. Exclusivity. Along the lines of nature.

Based on these principles, we develop highly effective innovations, the primary goal of which is to support the skin in its natural functions and to keep it healthy. We have made it our business to make exclusive skin care made in Germany tangible and tangible. We are continuously working on this with conviction, passion and the highest standards.



We live in a time when values are shifting and luxury needs a new definition. For us, luxury means creating the highest quality in awareness of the value of our resources. While clean water is becoming a scarce commodity, we use it to make our products purest spring water from the Chiemgau Alps . Our expert knowledge and our experience enable us to use raw materials of the highest biological purity where they can develop their full, sustainable effectiveness in a targeted manner. As a family company, we stand for a strong identity made up of respect for people and nature, the preservation of the tried and tested, but also the courage to change, integrity, security and transparency and the conviction to do the right thing. The right thing for fellow human beings, for employees, for the environment and, last but not least, for the health of the skin.

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