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About me.

My name is Eva Maria Strasser, I was born and raised in Salzburg (Austria)

I have been living in the beautiful Chiemgau for around 15 years and have been running the cosmetic studio "The Cosmetic Room" in the Chiemgau Thermen Bad Endorf since March 2021.

Wellness, health and well-being - especially in a holistic approach - are the cornerstones of cosmetics and beauty for me.

I love to supplement health and naturalness with the latest findings from the fields of technology and physiology or to create a bridge between these "worlds" and in that sense to allow new paths.


"For me, cosmetics in the best sense of the word mean the optimal addition and expansion of my inner self  Health as well as balance and thus beauty. "

The cosmetic studio in Bad Endorf

in the wellness area of the Chiemgau Thermen

The Cosmetic Room

Ströbinger Strasse 18 • 83093 Bad Endorf

08053 - 200 900 • 0159 - 019 19 506

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